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Garage Flooring

There are a variety of garage floor treatments. Garage floor finishes can range from floor paint to epoxy garage floor sealers. But sometimes the right choice for a garage floor would be a plain concrete floor.

How to Paint

Knowing how to paint is important when you paint your first wall. There are many painting tips when it comes to interior painting. Selection of the proper paint brush or paint roller to match your paint is just one.

Rust Spray Paint

Painting rusty steel and iron is easy with the new rust-stopping paint. Using a rust spray paint and with proper surface preparation, you can get long-lasting results. Painting rusty gas piping using these rust prevention paints will provide years of protection.

Painting Steps

Knowing how to paint steps properly will make your painted steps last longer and show less signs of wear. Painting steps with a stencil requires preparation, the proper paint for steps and a sealing coat, such as clear water-based urethane.

Solid Stain

Beware when purchasing solid color stain. Some paints are sold as solid wood stains. A high-quality exterior paint might be better suited for your paint job.

Paint Door

Knowing how to paint a door will give you professional results. When painting a door it is best to remove most or all the door hardware. Even removing the door from the door jamb will help with your painting door project.

Sanding Block

A sanding block is a great way to get a smoother finish. Newer flexible sanding blocks have joined the traditional rubber sanding blocks. The flexibility of these hand sanding blocks allow the sand blocks to wrap around or match the contour of baseboard molding or stair case spindles.

Paint Primer

Some paints require a primer. Paint primer is a special paint. Paint primers help your finish paint bond to the surface better. Primer paint gives your finish coat a more uniform finish.

Paint Cedar Shakes

Painting cedar shakes before installing them is the easiest way to paint them. There are several methods to paint the cedar shakes. Shakes can be sprayed or dipped. Read about some proven methods of painting.

Cleaning Paint Brushes

Cleaning a paint brush properly will add years of useful life to the brush. Most people clean paint brushes improperly. Their cleaning methods may actually shorten the life of a good paint brush. Proper cleaning starts before you even start to paint!

Spray Painting

Spray painting is not as hard as you might think. Airless spray painting is a popular method that has come a long way in the past 25 years. Spray can painting is the method most people begin with, as it is convenient and inexpensive. Spray painting tips range from shaking the paint well before spraying to lightly misting the surface being painted.

House Painting Tips

House painting is done by thousands of homeowners each year. This exterior house painting chore can be rewarding if you do a few important things before you apply the paint.

Painting Vinyl Shutters

Painting vinyl or plastic shutters is easy. Clean the shutters with soap and water and use a very sticky paint that has urethane in it. Do not paint in direct sun and try to do it on a day when the temperature is in the 60-75F range.

Painting Fiberglass Doors Black

Painting fiberglass entry doors can be done, but if you change the fiberglass doors to black, you may have a problem. Use an acrylic - urethane paint blend on a fiberglass exterior door for best results.

Painting Order for Walls and Woodwork

Painting walls, woodwork and wood trim can be tricky. Interior painting tips for interior woodwork, walls, and painting trim are here to save you time.


Your painting performance can make or break a room. Painting technique separates the professional from the do it yourselfer. Quality interior paint and how to paint with proper wall painting technique are important.

Perfect Wood Stains on Soft Wood

Perfect wood stains on soft wood are hard to get unless you use a professional secret. The wood stain magic of professional painters has been kept from us for many years. The secrets of getting perfect results when staining any wood are now revealed!

Paint or Stain the Exterior

Paint or stain - which is better? For minimal home maintenance, either house paint or wood stain could be the choice. There are several things to consider in house painting. The good news is there are new exterior paints and stains that will last many years if applied correctly. This is a must-read column!

Brush Marks from a Poor Paint Job

How to avoid brush marks in paint, and remove them from poor paint jobs? Painting has its share of special professional techniques, and paint, paint brushes and surface prep, are answers to avoid brush marks. Removing them takes some sanding and elbow grease.

Painting New Stucco

Stucco doesn't need paint, but painting stucco requires the right paint and some proper surface preparation, if you should decide to do the job.

Special Gray Primer & Manufacturers

A special gray primer can be purchased to match each paint color. These interior paint primers are a complimentary gray for each unique color. The color chip you choose, when applied with its matching paint primer gray, will now look the way it should on your walls.

Painting - Proper Equipment

Suggested equipment for painting your home includes paint brushes, paint rollers, and fiberglass extension poles. Buy the best quality painting equipment you can and you will avoid many problems and annoying mishaps.

Applying Primer and Wall Paint

Primer and wall paint may not be enough to cover your walls adequately. Sealers and primers may be needed together to achieve proper paint coverage, depending on what type of surface you are painting.

Painting Tips

Your painting results can look like a professional job if you use some pro techniques. Follow these tips to patch, caulk and complete painting prep work correctly for the key to your success!

Special Gray Primer

A special gray primer now available will bring out the true color of your chosen paint chip for your interior paint job. Using primers is important to getting coverage with fewer coats. This newer paint primer with the proper shade of gray tint will outperform the old white primer paint/sealers and get your job done faster with fewer coats.

Painting a Toilet

Painting a toilet can be done with oil based paint. When using oil paint on toilets, skip painting the toilet bowl. Painted toilets can even match your wallpaper.

Kitchen Cabinets - Painting Prep

Kitchen cabinets should be clean and properly prepped before you apply paint. Remove cabinet hardware, sand down old paint or finish with sandpaper in a sanding block, and then proceed with your painting.

Kitchen Cabinets - Painting

Kitchen cabinets can be transformed by simply painting them. Cabinet hardware needs to be removed and proper prep done before you apply the paint. Painting cabinets with stencils or applying paint on cabinet doors with special painting techniques can renew your cabinetry and your kitchen.

Kitchen Cabinets - Paint and Primer

Transform kitchen cabinets with paint and primer. Oil paint or water based paint can be applied with wonderful results, but oil based paint may be easier to maintain. Primer may be needed, depending on the finish you have to cover.

Kitchen Cabinets - Painting Tips

Your kitchen cabinets can look like a professional was hired for the job with the right paint brushes, paint rollers and painting equipment. Painting cabinets, cabinet doors, and cabinet drawers with these tips can save you time.

Cabinet Painting

Cabinet painting is a great way to add a spark to your home. Glaze or crackle the cabinets for a fresh new look. Make this paint job last by starting on clean surfaces.

Faux Finish Techniques

Faux finish techniques can make your walls look spectacular. Glazing techniques can produce a faux wall finish that even looks like rich leather! Faux finish techniques are highlighted here and a good place to begin if you want to know how to glaze a wall.

Faux Finish Tips

Faux finish tips in this column will make your walls look superb. Practice is important to get glazing techniques down right.

Rag Painting

Rag painting can make your walls look rich and professional. A glaze is used on a base color to produce laudable effect.

Washable Paint - Interior Ceramic Paint Manufacturers

Washable paint is a blessing for interior paint maintenance. Buy ceramic paint, now in a water base wall paint. This interior wall paint is very easy to keep clean. Washable wall paint is, however, not always easy to find. Check some manufacturers here.

Super Washable Wall Paint

Paint that is washable is highly desirable. Wall paint is now better and washable interior wall paint has been greatly improved.

Urethane Paint

Paint of urethane will stick to your house and hang on for years. Other paints will pale in comparison to urethane house paint. Urethane paint is my choice for all 'round performance!

100% Acrylic Latex Paint & Primer - Manufacturers

Your paint should be 100% acrylic latex paint matched with a compatible primer if you want superior results. Beware of house paint that is labeled acrylic -- it may have very little. These manufacturers produce the "real" paints.

Whitewash Tips

Whitewash can be colorized in any recipe for whitewash. You can make whitewash paint with different ingredients. Whitewash painting takes a little practice, but you can match older finishes and be whitewashing like a pro with a bit of testing.

Whitewash Recipe

Whitewash is simple and any recipe for whitewash lets you make whitewash paint easily. If whitewash painting is in the cards for you, read here how to make whitewash, what whitewash ingredients to use, and with a little practice, start whitewashing like our forebears in days of yore

Whitewashing Brick

Whitewashing is a unique way to provide color to the outside of a home. You can apply it to wood and masonry, but it holds up best when applied to brick. Painting brick looks great but whitewash is almost maintenance free and beautiful.

Painting Around Woodwork

Painting your walls without getting paint on the woodwork can be done. High quality paint brushes and a steady hand will help keep a fine line between your walls and wood trim.

Buy the Best Acrylic Latex Paint and Primer

Buy the best acrylic latex paint and primer. Be sure it is 100% acrylic latex -- not all paints labeled acrylic latex are 100%. The "real" house paint of quality will cost more. Check these manufacturers and wait for sales if needed.

Exterior Painting Prep Tips

Painting your home requires prep work. Proper cleaning, caulking and scraping are key to a superior paint job that will last for years. Here are some time saving tips to properly prep your house for painting.

Urethane Exterior Paint

Paint the exterior of your home with urethane paint and you won't worry about painting again for many years. Be sure you properly prep your house before applying any paints.

Urethane House Paint

Urethane house paint is an exterior paint that will cover well, stick even over dirty, glossy surfaces, and last. Paints that last for years and years have resins or glue in the paint that are very sticky.

Sandpaper Facts

Confused about sandpaper, sandpaper grades and sandpaper grits? Other abrasives have you scratching your head? These facts and tips may help relieve that "itch".

Abrasives & Specialty Sandpaper

Abrasives and abrasive tools, such as waterstones, knives, industrial diamond stones and cutting tools are available to help with your projects. Specialty sandpapers now come in nearly any size and type to suit a variety of needs.

Foam Pads for Sanding - Sources

Sanding can be tedious, especially for curved objects. Use foam sanding pads for an easier job. Check out these sources.

Sandpaper Comparison

Sandpaper types can be confusing. Which type should you use for what? This sandpaper comparison table will help.

Sandpaper Selection

Sandpaper needs to match your job. Select from different sandpaper types, sandpaper grades, sandpaper grits and sandpaper numbers to complete your specific job to perfection.

Beware of Lead Paint

Lead paint can cause lead poisoning. Lead poison causes serious health problems and, unfortunately, lead based paint on older homes is widespread. Lead paint removal needs extreme care to avoid lead paint poisoning of the soil, people, environs and other living flora and fauna.

Lead Poisoning Danger - Lead Paint

Lead poisoning is a big health risk in older buildings. Lead paint that is scraped, chipped or sanded produces toxic lead poison dust. Lead based paint is widespread, and extreme care is required during lead paint removal to avoid very serious health complications and long term lead paint poisoning of the environs.

Free Lead Poisoning Hazard Information

Lead poisoning is a widespread risk in millions of our older homes. Free sources of information on lead poison and lead paint hazards are listed. Avoid the ominous dangers of lead based paint and lead paint removal. Educate yourself to protect you and your family from lead paint poisoning before it's too late.

Hepa Filter & Hepa Vacuum Manufacturers

Avoid lead poisoning with a hepa filter used in hepa vacuums. Lead poison in dust penetrates normal vacuum filters. Use only hepa filters if vacuuming during removal of lead paint.

Lead Paint Problems

Lead paint is in tens of millions of older homes in the USA. This lead-based paint is an enormous hidden health hazard. Toxic lead poison dust can be created by scraping or sanding this paint. Proper lead paint removal is extremely expensive. Covering it with lead-free paint is often the best choice. If a contractor is going to work on or around painted surfaces in your home, you likely will need to sign a lead paint disclosure form.

Paint Your Aluminum Siding

Aluminum siding can be painted successfully. Painting aluminum siding properly includes proper cleaning and selecting the right paint and primer for the job. How to paint aluminum siding right with the best paint for the job? Use a thinned down oil base metal priming paint with a acrylic latex exterior house paint. Avoid any paint with ammonia!

Aluminum Siding - Paint and Primer Tips

Prep aluminum siding well before using paint or primer. Painting aluminum siding is best with oil based paint and a good acrylic metal primer. Look here for tips on choosing the best paint for aluminum siding.

Aluminum Siding - Paint Tips

Aluminum siding can be painted. Painting aluminum siding requires proper cleaning of the aluminum siding in question. Primer is a must and the best paint for aluminum siding can then be applied.

Aluminum Siding - Paint Manufacturers

Aluminum siding is easy to paint if you properly prepare the siding first. When painting aluminum siding, select the best paint for aluminum siding to get lasting results. Check these manufacturers for good aluminum siding paint.

Aluminum Gutters Can Be Painted

Painting your aluminum gutters is possible and simple to do. Proper cleaning and primer are essential. Pressure washing is not advised.

Faux Painting

Faux painting your wall can transform your home. Faux finishes use simple tools and newsprint or special faux finish tools. Faux wall finishes can look magnificent and faux finish techniques can bring out the artist in you.

Faux Finishing Wall Paneling

Faux finishing can transform dark wall paneling found in so many homes. Use a faux finish to save the paneling, instead of removing it. How to apply faux finishes to convert your wood paneling is explained here, step by step.

Faux Finishing Books

Faux finishing books can help you achieve your faux finish masterpiece. Here are some great selections of books with ideas for faux finishes and some to help you learn how to create faux wall finishes.

Faux Finishing Tools

Faux finishing can be done with simple tools found around your home. A faux finish can be completed with special rollers or stencils as well. Faux wall finishes provide unique texture to your walls and fool the eye. You can find faux finish technique information and tools or supplies in most paint stores.

Faux Finishing Basics

Your faux finishing project will see success if you make a faux finish sample first and prep the wall well. Do small areas first and move up to larger areas you've designated for your special faux wall finishes. Wondering how to manage the corners? Tips are here to help you with basic faux finish technique.

Faux Finishing

Faux finishing is an art. A faux finish can look like real marble, leather, scenery or other glorious effects. You can do it yourself or hire pros to do faux finishes to bring charm into your home.

Painting Floors - Tips & Techniques

Painting a floor can help your old surface look new if you apply these painting techniques, tips and design ideas. Most any floor material can be painted successfully with the right prep, primer, paint and proper application.

Floor Paint - Oil Based

Your floor can be painted with regular oil based paint. No special floor paint is needed. The key is a urethane protective coating that will resist the traffic. Check these primers and top coats for your floor painting.

Painting a Floor - Floor Urethane

Painting a floor with floor urethane will cover well. Urethane is superb, but not all urethane paints are equal. Floor paint needs the right urethane paint. Before you begin floor painting, check these tips for handling and applying a urethane floor coating before you open the can.

Painted Floors

Painted floors are economical, DIY friendly, and beautiful. Cleaning, surface prep, sanding, primer and protective urethane will do it! If you can't afford new flooring, you can create your own with a couple cans of paint and one can of clear urethane.

Understanding Paint - Painting Tips

Paint is basically colored glue that needs clean, stable surfaces to stick and last. Painting with the best paints and primer and taking special care to seal raw edges will preserve wood and the paint itself.

Exterior Home Painting & Weather

Painting your home exterior needs timing with the weather and time of day. Heat, cold, sun and wind can cause havoc on your paint results.

Exterior Painting

Exterior painting results will last a long time with proper cleaning and a good primer. Apply exterior paint after proper "home work" on the surface. Before you paint, house washing by hand is advised and pressure washing is not.

Paint Colors - Mix to Match

Match your existing paint colors or the tint of your favored color chip by mixing paint colors in a certain way. Your paint matching effort will succeed with a bit of trial, time, patience, and these tips.

Paint Colors - Tips & Tricks

Paint can be matched with some diligence. Mixing paint colors to get your desired tint is simple with a bit of test and try. Paint matching and tinting, and mixing paint to get other colors may be an easier task with these tips and tricks.

Color Wheel

Create color without paint with a color wheel. A color wheel chart lets you mix colors and find complimentary colors without the mess. A basic color mixing wheel can be obtained inexpensively.

Matching Paint Colors Perfectly

Existing paint colors of some years in age can be matched with some good light, soap and water, patience and a matching technique for interior paint colors. Painting with original paint to touch up does not often work.

Exterior Paint - Proper Prep

Exterior paint can last longer with proper prep, primer and good, quality paint. Exterior house paint that lasts requires proper prep of the surface. Exterior painting must begin with the proper cleaning of your home. And that does not refer to pressure washing!

Paint Removal - Tips and Techniques

Paint removal can be messy and you need ventilation to work with finish removal chemicals. Use these tips and techniques to discover the best ways to work with paint removers and the right tools to use with paint solvents to make your work much easier.

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