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Low Water Pressure

Water pressure in your home can vary. If you had high water pressure, then suddenly you experience low water flow, it can be from a restricted main water line feeding your home. If you suffer from point-of-use low water pressure, your kitchen or bathroom faucets might have a clogged water-use restrictor.

Water Heater Problems

A certified home inspector recommended replacing the natural gas supply line on the water heater installation. Should the aluminum tubing be replaced with black iron pipe, corrugated stainless steel tubing or soft copper tubing?

Clogged Toilet

Just about everyone has to deal with a clogged toilet from time-to-time. Did you know it is possible to unclog a toilet without a plunger? A bucket of water can free a toilet clog.

Corner Shower

A corner shower needs to be the proper size or you could get stuck. Glass shower enclosures are the rage because they're so sleek and easy to clean. Be sure your corner shower tub has the proper flanges to keep the water inside the glass enclosure.

Toilet Bowl Cleaner

There are a variety of toilet bowl cleaners available. Store-bought bathroom cleaners don't always do the job completely. Muriatic acid is a strong toilet bowl cleaner, but requires special care when using it. A good toilet bowl brush will be needed when cleaning your toilet.

Vintage Tub

A vintage bath tub not only adds character to a bathroom, but vintage clawfoot tubs are extremely conformable. The design of vintage bathtubs will require some special subflooring for installation.

Shower Faucets

Confused about shower faucets? Most tub and shower faucets have outlets for both the bathtub and a shower head. A dedicated bath shower faucet only comes with hot and cold-water inlets and one outlet for the shower head. Advancements in faucet technology have made most shower faucet repairs very easy.

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile can save you money, but the cheap ceramic tile may not last. To save on adhesive, underlayment and grout, consider the new snap together ceramic floor tile. The ceramic tile flooring installation using these tiles is faster and the flooring is available for use immediately after the last ceramic tiles are set.

Urethane Grout

There is a new tile grout available when you are grouting floor tile. Urethane grout is a premixed grout that can be used instead of traditional tile grout. This grout might be for you on your next tile and grout project.

Pedistal Sink

A pedistal sink offers a classic look to your bathroom. However, installing a bathroom pedistal sink takes a little more planning. There is no cabinet to hide your plumbing supply lines inside. Because there is no base cabinet, pedistal sinks are great in smaller bathrooms.

Bathroom Tubs

A reader has questions about bathroom tubs and a bathroom tub fixture. In a debate with his wife, the reader wants to clear up issues with bathroom soaking tubs and a bathroom garden tub. What happened to the standard bathtub?

Tile Grout Cleaning

When it comes to tile & grout cleaning, there is an easier way to clean tile grout. Knowing how to clean tile grout this method will save you hard scrubbing and your ceramic tiles will look brand new.

Vessel Sink

A vessel sink can add character to your bathroom. There are certain features to check before installing bathroom vessel sinks. Even an old pot can make a great copper vessel.

Septic Cleaning

If your house has a septic tank, regular septic cleaning needs to be part of your schedule. Putting wrong materials into your septic system will create septic tank problems. Get a septic system inspection to be sure your septic system is being properly maintained.

Ceramic Flooring Tile

Ceramic tile flooring installation takes patience and skill to get the mosaic tile patterns correct. Working with ceramic tile floors is not that hard if you follow some simple tips. Adding an mosaic pattern to your ceramic tile floors will spice up a plain looking floor.


When selecting a new bathtub or remodeling a bathroom, you have a variety of choices - corner bathtubs, cast iron bathtubs, clawfoot bathtubs. Other options include bathtub refinishing, such as bathtub reglazing, or walk-in bathtubs.

Toilet Parts

Replacing toilet parts is a job that most home owners can tackle. Flush toilet parts are readily available and most use similar replacement toilet parts.

Tub Faucets

Selecting the right tub faucet is a major decision. There are antique tub faucets, roman tub faucets, claw foot tub faucets and more. But is the tub faucet the first item to select? Or is it the tub?

Shower Door

A glass shower door can add pizzazz to your bathroom. The newer shower doors offer a variety of custom glass options. With custom glass shower doors you can match any bathroom style. Cleaning a shower door is easier with the frameless shower doors.

Backsplash Tile

A decorative backsplash can really dress up your bathroom. Selecting the right countertop backsplash is hard because of the variety of backsplash tiles available

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