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It is absolutely essential that all roofing problems are addressed immediately and our Roofers can provide expert advice and solutions for all situations and can provide an estimate for the following:

  • New Pitch Roof Construction
  • Pitch Roof Leak Repairs
  • Pitch Roof Felting
  • Pitch Roof Insulation
  • Pitch Roof Refurbishment
  • Pitch Roof Replacement
  • New Flat Roof Construction
  • Flat Roof Leak Repairs
  • Flat Roof Felting
  • Flat Roof Insulation
  • Flat Roof Refurbishment
  • Flat Roof Replacement
  • Corrugated Roof Repairs
  • Corrugated Roof Flashing
  • Corrugated Roof Sheeting
  • Corrugated Roof Cladding
  • Corrugated Roof Refurbishment
  • Corrugated Roof Replacement
  • New Tile Roof Construction
  • Tile Roof Leak Repairs
  • Tile Roof Felting
  • Tile Roof Insulation
  • Tile Roof Refurbishment
  • Tile Roof Replacement
  • New Slate Roof Construction
  • Slate Roof Leak Repairs
  • Slate Roof Felting
  • Slate Roof Insulation
  • Slate Roof Refurbishment
  • Slate Roof Replacement
  • New Felt Roof Construction
  • Felt Roof Leak Repairs
  • Felt Roof Felting
  • Felt Roof Insulation
  • Felt Roof Refurbishment
  • Felt Roof Replacement
  • Gutter Cleaning
  • Guttering Repairs
  • Guttering Maintenance
  • Guttering Replacement
  • Down Pipe Installations
  • Down Pipe Repairs
  • Down Pipe Replacement
  • Chimney Repairs
  • Chimney Servicing
  • Chimney Leaking Repairs
  • Roof Window Installations
  • Roof Window Repairs
  • Lead Roof Flashing
  • Polycarbonate Roof Repairs
  • Soffit Venting
  • Soffits and Fasicas

Working with Home-Renovation takes the worry out of home improvement, repairs and remodeling.

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