Crown Molding

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Crown Molding
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Installing Fancy Crown Molding Corners

Installing crown molding with fancy corners isn't hard. Follow my easy steps for beautiful crown molding with distinctive inside and outside corners.

Use Crown Molding to Make Decorative Shelves

Crown molding can be used to create shelves of beauty. These wall shelves can display plates, trinkets, collections, knickknacks. Your wall mounted shelves will take a few hours time and a few special tools.

Pre-Finished Crown Molding

Use prefinished crown molding to add pizazz to a decorative shelf or other special project. Local home centers and kitchen cabinet stores carry molding in many styles.

Custom Crown Molding

Create your own custom crown molding to reflect your style and personality. Some woodworkers can make any molding you can design. Special moldings may be created from other crown moldings or some sample custom moldings at the mill.

Crown Molding Cutting Tips

Cutting crown molding has driven many nuts. Using test pieces will help you determine how to cut crown molding properly.

Crown Molding Installation On A Sloped Ceiling

Installing crown on a sloped ceiling can be done! There are two methods for installing crown molding with a sloped ceiling. One method lets the crown molding float at the ceiling. The other crown molding installation is harder!

Cutting Crown Molding Without Losing your Mind

Crown molding needs practice to master. Cutting crown molding means holding it upside down in the saw. Installing crown molding with well cut pieces is easy.

Cutting Crown Molding

Cutting crown molding is simple! Knowing how to cut crown molding is easy if you think upside down and reverse. Read on, then the project of installing crown molding will be clear.

Cutting Crown Molding - Upside Down and Backwards!

Crown molding is different than other trim molding. Wondering how to cut crown molding? It is done holding the piece upside down. Installing crown molding is easy once the pieces are cut.

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