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Cathedral Ceiling Framing

Framing a cathedral ceiling is not hard. A vaulted ceiling design can be created by transforming a traditional flat ceiling. Before you begin vaulted ceiling construction, be sure to consult with a structural engineer.

Vaulted Wood Ceilings

Let's change that plain vaulted ceiling into a spectacular wood ceiling. You will need a few simple tools, some scaffolding and beautiful tongue and groove lumber. The change will be amazing!

Vaulted Ceiling Building

Building a vaulted ceiling. You don't want your roof to collapse. Try to think of building for the future with added electrical wiring.

Metal Ceilings

Decorative metal ceilings are back! Your choices of style, pattern and metal are many. Metal ceilings are affordable and easier than ever to install.

Decorative Metal Ceilings

Have you ever had a real malted milk shake? I mean, one made using ice cream made from real cream? As your head tilts back while you're waiting for that last drop to drip from the old fashioned metal mixing cup, you will undoubtedly see the 100 year old original metal stamped ceiling. The 14 foot metal ceiling has a rich center pattern, a detailed filler strip and is finished off with a handsomely detailed metal cornice or crown molding. The ceiling looks to be in excellent condition. It is a testimonial to the people who made the material and installed it. I often wonder how many materials that are installed this year will be around 100 years from now?

Truss Uplift Hardware

Truss uplift framing hardware is made by just a few companies. They make a multitude of rough framing connectors. These are metal plates, joist hangers, post/beam connectors, hurricane clips, post bases and truss clips. There are many, many other connectors as well. The two companies listed below are by far the biggest players in the market.

Repair Roof Truss Uplift

Repair roof truss uplift problems before the start. If you happen to be building a house now, borrow a step ladder and inspect the trusses which pass over interior walls. If not, and you need to repair existing truss uplift problems, complete your repair in two phases during winter and summer by using proper L-brackets, drywall clips and retention blocks.

Roof Truss Uplift

Truss uplift is a problem brought on by the modern advancements in residential construction technology. Even though trusses have been in use for well over 40 years, truss uplift only recently poked its ugly head up through attic insulation, creating ceiling cracks down below. Why did this happen just recently? I have a few ideas.

Truss Uplift and Ceiling Cracks

Ceiling cracks can be caused by your roof trusses absorbing moisture during hot weather. This truss uplift can be controlled by the homeowner with a little effort or by getting the builder to install L-shaped truss clips on the top of interior walls.

Acoustical Ceiling Tiles

Acoustical ceiling tiles are great for noise reduction and soundproofing. The soundproofing material is made from spun mineral wool fiber mixed with starch. Your choices of different patterns and grid systems have increased tremendously.

Acoustical Ceiling Tile Tips

Planning is key when installing acoustical ceiling tile in your home. Using a graph paper mock-up, create a layout with the widest borders possible and begin installing in the center of the room. If using a suspended grid system to hold up the tile, first install the wall angle according to the manufacturer's restrictions.

Acoustical Ceiling Tile Manufacturers

So you're sold on installing acoustical ceiling tile in your home - now all you have to do is buy it.

Acoustical Ceiling Tile Properties

Acoustical ceiling tiles have come a long way in the past 35 years. Not only are there more styles, colors, and choices, the actual materials are much better at controlling sound. These tiles are not the top of the line! You must see the new tiles to believe them.

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