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Home Wallpaper

The quality of home wallpaper is vast. When wallpapering, be sure to get a high-quality wallpaper. You can get custom wallpaper to match the mood you want to set in the room. Home wallpaper borders can add to the look of your wallpaper or to a painted home.

How To Hang Wallpaper

Hanging wallpaper is a project that can transform many a room. Discover how to hang wallpaper to give your room that vibrant mood. Hanging wallpaper plumb will make or break your project.

Wallpaper Borders

Wallpaper borders can really add a colorful or distinctive flair to a room. I have a tropical-themed wallpaper border in a basement bathroom that is gorgeous. Discount wallpaper borders can be bought in many places, but beware. Remember, you get what you pay for. High-quality wallpaper borders cost a little more money, but they are really worth it.

How To Remove Wallpaper

Many people struggle with how to remove wallpaper from drywall. The wallpaper sticks to the paper facing of the drywall and tends to be pulled off the wall exposing the gypsum core of the drywall. Is there a best way to remove wallpaper to minimize damage? It depends upon who you ask.


Wallpapers add charm and excitement to any home. Hanging wallpaper correctly will ensure delight as you walk through the rooms of your house and that future removal is easier.

Hanging Wallpaper

Hanging wallpaper takes a few special tricks. Drywall must be sized before beginning. Wallpaper needs to 'relax' after pasting and before applying to the wall.

Wallpaper Pointers

Before repairing damage caused from stripping wallpaper, seal damaged drywall with a specialized sealer. Then, seal all drywall with another specialized primer to keep wallpaper adhesive from penetrating the drywall to cause damage again.

Specialized Wallpaper Primers for Drywall

A specialized wallpaper primer/sealer prevents the adhesive from bleeding through and damaging the underlying drywall or plaster. Don't let ill-informed sales personnel talk you out of priming the walls before you apply wallpapers. Visit a store specializing in wallpaper to get the best advice.

How To Hang Wallpaper

Did you know that wallpaper needs primed walls and should be relaxed before you hang it? Want to know how to wallpaper perfect corners, and what wallpapering tools to use? These tips for hanging wallpaper will explain how to get a professional result with your wallpaper.

Wallpaper Removal

Wallpaper removal with old fashioned scraping will get the job done if you use the proper tool and angle. Wallpaper removal products with enzymes make the job much faster and easier! Wash and rinse walls to remove all glue before patching, painting or applying new wallpapers.

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